Assembly Services

From riveting components together to providing complex welded assemblies,

we offer excellent metal assembly services in addition to custom roll forming to serve the needs of clients in a wide range of industries.

When you need metal assembly services, it’s absolutely essential that they are performed to your exact specifications. With our dedicated and skilled team offering assembly services, we can take the specifications you provide us and return the exact metal components you are looking for.


For the Human, For the Eartch

why Metal Assembly with HK?

Metal assembly is the act of joining metal parts and components through processes such as welding, riveting, binding with adhesives, threaded fasteners, and more. In most manufacturing processes, metal assembly requires both automation and human labor.

Mechanical Assembly

Using different kinds of fasteners such as nuts, screws, bolts, and more


Fusing two or more parts together to become a single part.


Used for processes that encounter unstable pressure and temperature.


Assembly method used for electronic parts, plumbing pipes, gutters, flashing, and jewelry.

we offer sheet metal fabrication and assembly services. Our team of experts can handle virtually all types of metal assembly to your unique requirements. We use the best tools and processes to achieve accurate and highly durable parts, with no room for inconsistencies.