quality control

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Quality Control Overall

SYSTEM management

the centralized administration of the IT in an organization.

Customer evaluation

the process of assessing the properties or performance of products as perceived by the consumers

Indicator management

Based on the proper monitoring of pre-established metrics, also known as KPIs or key indicators.

Certification management

Verifies an individual's ability to manage and potential to lead with a level of competency.

4M Management

• Daily settlement management
• Weekly meeting organizer
• Comprehensive status board management
• Customer Claim Management (Measures)
• Quality and business improvement, suppliermanagement

4M Management

1. Stool management business
   – Computational management of reception and distribution
2. Import inspection work
   – History management (defect rate)
   – Data management (nonconforming product)
3. Confirmation of raw material receipt and management
   – Bill of Materials Record Management

Process Inspection

1. Process inspection work
   – History management (defect rate)
   – DATA management (nonconforming product)
2. Time Check Management
   – Process inspection sheet management
3. Check raw material process

Shipment Inspection

1. Shipment inspection work
   – History management (defect rate)
   – Data management (nonconforming product)
2. Inspection report writing management
3. Drawing history management